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Hiring Now the first Heads of Research Centers

Mon, Oct 22 2018|

Human Technopole has just opened a search for the first Heads of Research Centres. We wish to appoint Heads of Genomics, Computational Biology, Neuroscience and Structural Biology.

The Heads of Research Centres will be leading researchers in their fields and have outstanding records. Departmental or institutional leadership experience is required. English will be the working language of HT. The Heads of Research Centres will possess scientific vision and will wish to develop, and operate in an open and collaborative environment.

Although human biology is the focus of HT, the use of appropriate models, including model organisms, to illuminate aspects of human biology is expected. Structural Biology equipment for high resolution cryo-EM will be one of the major initial infrastructure investments. We are particularly interested in people combining genomics and neuroscience.

HT will provide generous internal research funding and will build up excellent infrastructure and facilities. In its first phase, HT will create space for both computational and “wet” experimental biologists with one “dry” and two experimental buildings and a total capacity of roughly 500 staff. Thereafter, with new buildings, it will grow to have roughly 1500 staff during the first 10 years.

The first Director of the Human Technopole (from 01.01.19) as well as Chairman of the Management Committee is Iain Mattaj, until now Director General of EMBL.

For a detailed job description and to apply, please visit join-us