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Fri, Dec 22 2017|

Milan, 22nd December 2017 - Human Technopole, the new interdisciplinary research infrastructure focused on life sciences, has received today the first places of Palazzo Italia from Arexpo, owner of the area where Expo Milan 2015 was set.

It’s about 2500 square meters meant for research laboratories and administrative offices placed in the mezzanine, the first and the fourth floor of the structure that hosted the Italian delegation during the international event. By the beginning of 2018 is expected the entrance in these places of the first group from the technical, scientific and administrataive staff of Human Technopole and by the end of the year the entire building refurbishment and delivering is planned. 

The places delivered are set in the heart of Park of Science, Knowledge and Innovation, whose masterplan has been recentely exhibited. The representatives of Human Technopole, Italian Institute of Technology and Arexpo attended the act of delivering.  


Stefano Paleari, president of Human Technopole Coordination Committee said: “The delivering of Palazzo Italia places is a great result, a point of no return. Our Committee started to work last year, by the end of November, and we had 24 months for the start-up. When the Government will approve the Statute, the Foundation will be officially operative and we’ll leave the following stages up to it.

This crucial result has been reached thanks to the great teamwork of the Italian Institute of Technology Committee and Project Structure; moreover, also the cohesion showed by the Institutions was essential: Municipality of Milan, Lombardy region, Government, Universities, Ministries and Research Authorities. Thanks to this effort Human Technopole will be fully operative by 2024 and 1.500 people will be emplyoed”.


For Giuseppe Bonomi, chief executive officer of Arexpo: “The delivering of the first places inside Palazzo Italia to Human Technopole is  another important step of the project we are following for the realization of the park of Science, Knoledge and Innovation that is rising where Expo was set. Arexpo managed to work on time delivering the places by Christmas as planned. Also the timing for 2018 will be fully respected”.


Also the Coordination Committee, the Project Structure and the first group of Human Technopole scientific and administrative staff attended the delivering of the places.


Human Technopole

When fully operative Human Technopole will be extended on 30.000 square meters in the Milan area where Expo 2015 was set, neaby Tree of Life, and will include, in addition to Palazzo Italia, two existing places, Unità di Servizio 6 and Cardo Nord Ovest, and and two new ones, where 7 centers of research and 4 supporting scientific structures (facilities) will be set.


Human Technopole will develop personalized approaches, both in the medical and the nutritional field, aimed to fight cancer and neurodegerative diseases by integrating large scale genomics with the analysis of complex data systems and the development of new diagnostics techniques.


The center will achieve its goals by an interdisciplinary approach based on the creation and the sharing of knowledge in order to promote innovation in healthcare.

The multidisciplinary approach will deal with different topics: from genomics to traslational and basic research, from big data analysis to the introduction of new analytical methods, from nutrition to the search of new sustainable technologies in agriculture, from the development of medical devices and innovative diagnostic tests to the processing of socio-economic data for providing new analytical solutions for the public policies decision makers.





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