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Cristina Letizia

Research Organization Office

After my classical studies, I graduated in Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a specialization in Electronic Technologies for Biomedical Engineering.
I left Italy in 2012, when I won a scholarship, which allowed me to take classes and work as a researcher at University of Florida, eventually obtaining a second master degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2013. Besides revealing how enriching it can be to integrate into a society with different habits, this experience represented my stepping stone to the world of research.

I moved to Switzerland in 2014 to pursue a 4-year PhD in Bioengineering and Bio-microsystems at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). As research engineer, I designed, manufactured and tested miniaturized devices for in vivo drug testing and phenotyping analyses on animal models, for metabolic and aging assays. I also worked on clustering algorithms, to identify subpopulation behaviors and extract the most relevant phenotypic information.

To carry out my research projects, I established fruitful collaborations with many research groups with different expertise. This synergy allowed me to see my research results in a wider perspective and eventually publish them in peer-review journals and present at international conferences.

Without losing my fascination with science, I discovered a new interest for “the other side” of research, the administration of research. I obtained a certification in Management of Innovation and Technology by the EPFL Technology Transfer Office in 2016 and the PRINCE2 Foundation – Project Management certification in 2017.

I started working at Human Technopole in 2018, in the Research Organization Office, where I contribute to the Foundation’s research organizational structure and processes. I manage research collaborations, negotiate corresponding partnership agreements with third parties and support the development of research-related internal regulations and policies.