Common Shared Services for In-Vitro and In-Vivo Modeling 2018-01-17T15:11:12+00:00

Common Shared Services for In Vivo and In Vitro Modeling #F4

This facility will provide infrastructure and technologies for the establishment, maintenance and analysis of in vitro and in vivo disease models.

The facility F4 will comprise the induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) platform, together with the Mouse Genetics platform and Germ-Free facility.

F4 Detailed Description (pdf)

Platforms & Infrastructures

iPSCs Platform

The iPSCs platform will function as a Core Facility for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), to integrate human whole-genome sequencing data with the establishment of iPSC lines from the same patients. The goal is to generate human neuronal subtypes to investigate pathophysiological mechanisms and carry out drug screening. iPSCs generated from human tumor samples will also be used to investigate tumorigenesis mechanisms and for different biomedical applications, including drug screening, toxicological testing, and biomarker selection. The platform will be responsible for iPSC generation, characterization, banking, and distribution to the wider Italian scientific community.

Mouse Genetics Platform

This platform/facility will support the use of mice for in vivo studies of gene function and human-disease modelling, including the generation of compound mice and XPDs. Its services will include: a) Mouse husbandry (breeding, weaning, and maintenance; pathogen screening) and genotyping (tail biopsies and genotyping); b) Behavioral analysis and tracking (behavioral chambers, infrared cameras, tracking systems); c) Generation of genetically modified mice, using homologous recombination or genome-editing (TALENs & CRISPR) technologies; d) Rederivation and in vitro fertilization; e) Mouse sperm or embryo freezing; f) Germ-free facility (to grow mice in a completely sterile environment); and g) In vivo imaging (e.g. micro-CT, micro-PET, optical imaging, high-resolution ultrasound, two photon imaging).

Open Positions


The F4 facility will strictly collaborate with the HT’s genomics centers, supporting them in the set up of the model systems.