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Central Genomics Facility #F1

The Central Genomics Facility includes the “Common Technology-Development Platforms” shared by OGC (Onco Genomics Center), NGC (Neuro Genomics Center) and AFNGC (Agri-Food & Nutrition Genomics), and “the large-scale Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Infrastructure” for large population screenings.

The F1 will comprise specialized technological platforms run by highly specialized technologists and coordinated by teams of Principal Investigators from the three centers.

F1 Detailed Description (pdf)

Platforms & Infrastructures

The facility will set up, develop and implement the essentialomics technologies required by the OGC, NGC and AFNGC centers.

The facility will provide high-throughput next-generation sequencing for large population screenings planned by OGC, NGC and AFNG, and for other nationwide screening initiatives that HT will eventually launch.

Open Positions


The Central Genomics Facility (F1) will gather the “Common Technology-Development Platforms” common to OGC (Onco Genomics Center), NGC (Neuro Genomics Center), and AFNGC (Agri-Food & Nutrition Genomics) and the high-throughput Next-Generation Sequencing infrastructure for large population screenings.