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Smart Material and Devices #CSMD

The CSMD will develop material science and nanotechnologies for applications in food, nutrition, health, and medicine. The CSMD mission is to deliver innovative technological platforms and devices. These include:

  • disposable, low-cost, ultrahigh sensitivity sensors for genetic analyses, food quality assessment, and food tracing;
  • new sustainable materials for smart packaging, medicine, and other applications;
  • new technologies for wearable or ingestible sensors for real-time body monitoring.
CSMD Full Project (pdf)

Research Lines

The CSMD will develop five Research Lines:

RL1 will be dedicated to novel disposable high sensitivity diagnostic tools for diagnostics and food traceability in collaboration with OGC, NGC, AFNGC.

RL2, RL3, and RL4 will be primarily dedicated to valorizing sustainable resources. In collaboration with AFNGC, these research lines will focus on agro-wastes for smart and green food packaging development, water purification systems, biomedical devices, and various other applications.

RL5 will be dedicated to the real-time, wireless monitoring of biological parameters of humans, in collaboration with OGC and NGC.

Open Positions


The CSMD will be developed by IIT  (Center for nanoscience and technology) and Politecnico of Milan with programs and joint laboratories with the University of Milan (Human Sensing) and the University of Milan-Bicocca (Nanotechnology for Food and Human Health, Valorization of Natural Polymers, Food Residues, and Agricultural Residues). The CSMD will strongly interact with all HT’s Genomics centers.