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Onco Genomics Center #OGC

The OGC will contribute to the implementation of Precision Medicine in Oncology. By applying genomics to the study of tumors, it is indeed possible to identify which genes are responsible for the disease and to design innovative gene-targeted therapies.

So far, few gene-targeted therapies have been incorporated into routine clinical practice and many challenges are posed by personalized approaches. These include the low numbers of tumor types for which there are targeted treatments with proven efficacy, the low number of eligible patients actually accessing the targeted treatments available, the difficulty of transferring to patients the continuous advances of genomics research and the high costs of treatments and development pipelines.

To achieve these goals and realize the full potential of Precision Medicine, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional approaches are needed. For this purpose, OGC will create a National Reference Center in the Onco Genomics that will lay the foundations to extend current benefits of medical genomics to all cancer patients, to grant a rapid transfer of knowledge from fundamental research to clinic and industry and to improve diagnostic tests and innovative therapies.

OGC Full Project (pdf)

Research Lines

The Onco Genomic Center will be organised in three main Research Lines:

The OGC will collaborate with other HT Centers on specific research areas (e.g. big data analyses, advanced bioinformatics, microbiomics and nutrigenomics, social and economic impact of genomics).

Open Positions


The OGC will comprise a central research facility at the Arexpo site, and several laboratories inside and outside HT. Collaborative agreements will involve the University of Milano (Clinical Onco Genomics, Therapeutics and Clinical Trials Office), Humanitas and INGM (Immunogenomics), IEO (Radiogenomics and Epigenomics), Ospedale San Raffaele (Advanced Clinical Onco Genomics), IIT Center for Genomic Sciences – Milano (Cancer genomics) and the Politecnico of Milano (Computational Genomics). The Clinical Onco Genomics program entails the creation of a multi-institutional network involving several Italian Cancer Research Hospitals, including since the beginning the IRCCs in the Lombardy region (IEO, INT, Ospedale San Raffaele, Humanitas).

The OGC will collaborate closely with other national and international research laboratories, offering access to advanced genomics technologies, dissemination of know-how, and integration into top-down screening and clinical development programs. Finally, the OGC will closely interact with biotech and pharma companies. By investing in highly innovative, high-risk translational projects to bring potential molecular targets to the proof-of-concept level, the OGC will create a continuous pipeline of projects of prospective interest for industrial applications.

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