HUMAN TECHNOPOLE steps of the project



Updated to May 2018

In autumn 2015 the Italian Government gives mandate to the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Genova to develop a scientific proposal and an executive project for the realization of a multidisciplinary research institute focused on the life sciences. 

After an international independent evaluation led by the Italian Governament, in autumn 2016 the Government approves the project Human Technopole (hereafter, HT) and appoints IIT to establish a Project Structure for the start up phase and a Coordination Committee in charge of supervising the activities until the establishment of the HT Foundation.

The Stability law for 2017 establishes that the HT Foundation will manage the project from the end of the start-up phase. In April 2017, an international call for the position of HT Director is announced. The candidatures are examined by an international commission of experts chaired by the Nobel prize for Chemistry Martin Chalfie.

In September 2017, the refurbishment of Palazzo Italia begins, in order to provide the necessary infrastructures to host the first members of staff.

In December 2017, the first places of Palazzo Italia are delivered to Human Technopole.
On January 8 2018, the first researchers and administrative staff start working in Palazzo Italia.

In February 2018, the Coordination Committee revises the Search Committee’s evaluation and gives a favourable opinion about the results, confirming Iain Mattaj, current Director of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, as the best candidate for the role of HT Director.

In March 2018, the Government approves the Statute of the Foundation that comes to life in May 2018 with the Supervisory Board’s designation.

In June 2018, it takes place the first meeting of the Supervisory Board chaired by Marco Simoni, President of the Foundation.



Second Half of 2018:

The refurbishment of US6 (Unità di Servizio 6) building will be ongoing; US6, previously used to support services during Expo Milano 2015, will host few laboratories and the Imaging Facility (F2).

The activities around the Cardo Nord-Ovest building will also start in order to provide the infrastructures that will support the research centers: the Central Genomics Facility - F1 and the Common shared services facility - F4.

The Data Center will be set-up in the area between the new building and the US6.

December 2019: the refurbishment of Palazzo Italia will be completed.
The project development of the new building, hosting laboratories and services, will start within 2019.

2023: works end



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