The President is the legal representative of the Foundation and chairs the Supervisory Board, guarantor of the excellence of the Foundation. The Management Committee directs the Foundation and the Director is one of the member. The Scientific Committee evaluates the scientific research activity and reports to the Supervisory Board; the Board of Auditors revises the accounting.



Human Technopole is a private foundation governed by the civil code, by the law n. 232, 2016 (art. 1, comma 116) and by its Statue.

 “The Foundation is committed to promote the development of human technologies and long life, increasing public and private investments in those research fields directed to prevention and health, in agreement with the National Research Program and developing a multidisciplinary and integrated approach in the disciplines of health, genomics, nutrition and data science and decisions, with particular regard to the Human Technopole’s scientific and research project, in connection with the universities and research institutions. The activity of the Foundation follows criteria of economy, effectiveness and publicity” Art.5 of the Statute: scope and activities


The Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Instruction University and Research (MIUR) are the founding members of the Foundation.

Foundation Bodies

Foundation Bodies

The Foundation has a dual structure granting operational autonomy to its bodies: the Supervisoru Board exerts a role of direction and control, while the Managing Committee is committed to scientific and administrative management.

Foundation Bodies:

  1. President
  2. Supervisory Council
  3. Director
  4. Management Committee
  5. Scientific Committe
  6. Board of Auditors



The President is the legal representative of the Foundation, serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, is responsible for strategic thrust and manages Institutional and Public relations; the individual promotes training and dissemination activities concerning the social and economic impact of the Foundation’s scientific research and public engagement.

Marco Simoni is the first President of the Foundation, nominated on 16 May 2018 with a decree of the Prime Minister of the Italian Government.

Marco Simoni is a political economist who experienced both government and academia. Former he was Economic advisor of the Prime Minister and Associate Professor at the London School of Economics, currently adjunct professor at the Luiss Business School. Since 2014 he has been at the forefront in the evaluation of valuable projects for the reconversion of the Expo area, renamed to MIND Milano Innovation District. He was member of the Coordination Committee that supervised the start-up phase of the Human Technopole project until the birth of the Foundation (DPCM, 27 Marzo 2018).

Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is composed of thirteen members, including the President; it ensures the excellence of the Foundation, supervises the use of resources and the compliance with the rules on the appointment of the Foundation bodies. It carries out a general activity of direction and control over the Foundation.

The first seven members of the Board, including the President, have been nominated with a decree of the Prime Minister of the Italian government on 16 May 2018.


Daniele Franco

State Accountant General


Marco Mancini

Chief Department, Ministry of Education,University and Research


Mauro Marè

Professor of Public Economics, Luiss University


Marcella Panucci

Director General, Confindustria


Donatella Sciuto

Executive Vice Rector, Politecnico of Milano


Roberta Siliquini

President, Consiglio Superiore Sanità, Ministry of Health