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Appointed the 4 members of HT Management Committee

Fri, Oct 26 2018|

Milano, 25th October 2018 – Human Technopole’s Supervisory Board, chaired by Marco Simoni, nominates the four members of the Management Committee.

Chairman of the committee is Prof. Iain Mattaj, director elected last February, 2018.  According to the Statute, the Management Committee carries out the activities necessary to guarantee the progress and achievements of the Foundation. Composed of five members, including the Director, with well-established management skills in important institutions at both national and international level.

Members elect of Management committee

  • Irene Bozzoni, Full Professor of molecular biology at “La Sapienza” University, Rome. She studies the the role of long non coding RNA in the control of normal muscle and neuronal differentiation and their alteration in neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases. She is also Dean of “Scuola superiore di studi avanzati”, “La Sapienza” University, Rome.
  • Nando Minnella, Head of technical department of Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and, previously, of Ministry of Health. Economist with proven expertise in management control system of public administration.
  • Stefano Piccolo, Full Professor of Molecular Biology at University of Padova; Principal Investigator of IFOM research program "Tissue biology and tumorigenesis"
  • Nicole Soranzo, Professor of Human Genetics, School of Clinical Medicine, at the University of Cambridge. Her research focuses on the genetic contribution to metabolic and cardiometabolic diseases. She is Senior Group Leader at Wellcome Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK.