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Human Technopole Foundation

Human Technopole Foundation

The Human Technopole Foundation starts its activities on May 16 2018 when the president Marco Simoni and the members of the Supervisory Board are appointed by the Italian government.

Human Technopole is the new Italian research institute focused on the Life Sciences. The project was launched in 2015 at the closure of Milano’s universal exposition and in continuity with the EXPO legacy “feeding the planet” to improve our quality of life through a comprehensive approach to health and aging. Human Technopole is committed to developing personalized medicine and nutrition to tackle cancer and neurodegenerative diseases by means of genomics and big data analysis.

The challenge is not only scientific and technological, but also economic and industrial in relation to technology transfer, organizational in relation to diagnosis and care, and educational and cultural in relation to prevention and ethics.

The foundation will be actively involved in dissemination of research activities and achievements on health issues, spreading among citizens the consciousness that scientific progress is a global public good.

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Prof. Iain Mattaj, Director of the Human Technopole Foundation

Iain Mattaj becomes the first Director of Human Technopole

Committed in development of research and science, and looking for new challenges of high-impact on the scientific community in Europe, Iain Mattaj has been attracted by the very ambitious and exciting HT plan. He was the favorite candidate selected by an international and independent committee chaired by the Nobel Prize for chemistry Martin Chalfie. The selection procedure started in April 2017 with an international competition announcement for the position of HT director. 46 candidatures has been submitted, half of which from foreigners and 80% from scientists working abroad. On February 2018, the Coordination committee ratifies the evaluation of the international committee, approving their job and confirming Iain Mattaj is the best candidate for the position. On June 18 2018, the Supervisory board officially nominates Iain Mattaj Director of Human Technopole.

Iain Mattaj takes up the position as first Director of the Human Technopole Foundation after 14 years as Director General at EMBL. He firmly believes Human Technopole is a great opportunity for developing science in Italy and Europe. The very good project draft can be improved to attract top scientists and create a multicultural, multidisciplinary and collaborative ecosystem that has been a successful model in EMBL.