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The document archive is the place where you may download files in various formats (pdf, mp4, doc, etc). Here you will find the official documentation, technical and research papers, media related contributions and many other. Downloading files from the archive is free and does not require any kind of registration.

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Turning Big Data into Smart Data.pdf 290KB Approved 3 Months Ago 3 Months Ago
Adherence to Disease Modifying Therapy in Patients Hospitalized for HF Findings from a Community Based Study 1.3MB Approved 19 Days Ago 19 Days Ago
Communities and regularities in the behavior of investment fund managers 757KB Approved 19 Days Ago 19 Days Ago
Long term correlations in short non stationary time series. An application to international R&D collaborations 840KB Approved 19 Days Ago 19 Days Ago
Methods to account for citation inflation in research evaluation 2.3MB Approved 19 Days Ago 19 Days Ago
Better to stay apart_asset commonality, bipartite network centrality, and investment strategies 0KB Approved 6 Days Ago 6 Days Ago
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