Centre for Analysis Decisions and Society

Centre for Analysis Decisions and Society

The CADS is founded on the assumption that big data “don’t speak” if they are not properly interrogated through original combinations of advanced analytical tools, computing power, technical expertise, and domain-specific knowledge. To this end, the CADS will develop original research at the intersection of computer science, mathematics, statistics, artificial intelligence, and socioeconomic sciences, endowing HT with advanced data handling tools and analytics. The multidisciplinary environment of the centre will sustain a unique effort to develop innovative models and analytical solutions for the analysis of big and high dimensional data in the analysis of socio-economic systems. To this purpose, the CADS aims at combining domain-specific knowledge in economics and management sciences with new analytic platforms and statistical indicators and methods. That is functional to analyse the state of the economy and society and to inform investment decisions and policies in fields such as research and innovation, to survey industrial and financial systems, and examine the state of the economy, welfare, fiscal policy, public services and health care provision. A key overarching challenge addressed is how to leverage the massive increase in the availability of data on individual, economic and social behaviour to inform, evaluate, and improve decisions and policies. Data from multiple heterogeneous sources at different time frequencies will be merged to study several key features of the national economy and the impact of policy decisions on an unprecedented scale, speed, and resolution. For that purpose, the CADS aims at applying a variety of advanced techniques ranging from complex system methodologies, machine learning and data mining tools to econometrics approaches. The main lines of research are Hardware and Software conceptual design, Information Processing, Modelling and Managing Socioeconomic Systems, Decisions and Policies



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