Human Technopole Campus

Human Technopole: a large-scale national research infrastructure

Human Technopole will be at the heart of MIND - Milan INnovation District. MIND will also host the new headquartes of the Galeazzi research and treatment hospital (16 floors, 150.000 square meteres) and the scientific faculties of Milan University. Additional space will be made available to companies and start-ups wishing to establish their headquarters.


In March 2017, Human Technopole and Arexpo SpA, owner of the Expo area, reached an agreement on the Masterplan that fulfilled the requirements of spaces and the prospective growth of the Human Technopole infrastructure project. 

Human Technopole will be located close to the "Tree of Life” - the symbol of the Milan 2015 international Expo. A total of three buildings will be re-developed (Palazzo Italia, North and South Pavilion) while one new building will be built from the ground up.

According to the project, the campus will host seven research centres and four scientific facilities, that will provide services and technologies to support the research. Human Technopole will have state-of-the-art facilities shared and available to research partner institutions: imaging, genomics facilities and high-performance computing facility and data centre.

Since early 2018 Palazzo Italia hosts the core staff of Human Technopole. Re-development works are ongoing within the building to create additional working space. A number of administrative and computational workstations are due to be completed and delivered to Human Technopole at the end of summer 2019. 

The first wet laboratories of Human Technopole will be the so called Incubator Labs. These will be housed within prefabricated building structures positioned close to the Tree of Life. The tender for the supply and installation of these laboratories was launched in August 2019 and the delivery is expected to take place in summer 2020. 

The South Pavilion will host wet labs of the first Research centres. The building site is at work to complete the re-development of the site which is due to be completed by the spring 2021. 

The North Pavilion will host research facilities, including cryo-EM imaging facility. The refurbishment works are due to be completed by summer 2020, with equipment installed by autumn 2020.

The external structures of the Data Centre (so called shelters) were delivered in December 2018 and the centre is due to be completed by end of 2019, beginning of 2020. 



The new Human Technopole building

On 29 May 2019 Human Technopole and Arexpo launched the tender for the design of the new building, which will host laboratories, office spaces and common areas.

A new building with a maximum total surface area of 35,000 square metres will be built to complete the Human Technopole facility. Once completed, it will accommodate laboratories, scientific instruments, and up to 800 workstations for researchers and supporting technical and administrative personnel corresponding to a combined total of 1,000 staff

The design should reflect the concept of "openness" that characterises Human Technopole: for example, the building’s design will include spaces and solutions which encourage meetings, exchange of ideas and knowledge among researchers. In addition, part of the building should be dedicated to visitors, training laboratories, joint laboratories and start-up activities.