Human Technopole Campus




On 13 March 2017, Human Technopole and Arexpo SpA, owner of the Expo area, reached an agreement on the Masterplan that fulfilled the requirements of spaces and the prospective growth of the large-scale international research infrastructure.

Human Technopole will be located close to “the tree of life”: three existing buildings – namely Palazzo Italia, US6 and Cardo Nord Ovest (NO) - will be refurbished and a new building will be realized ex novo; they will host 7 research centers and 4 facilities.

On 22 December 2017, Arexpo is delivering on time 132 positions of Palazzo Italia that, since the beginning of January 2018, hosts the first researchers and technical staff engaged in HT. In the second half of 2018, 58 new positions will be delivered; the complete refurbishment of Palazzo Italia is planned within 2019 (additional 221 positions).

In 2018, Arexpo will start the refurbishment of the US6, the building designated to the Imaging Facility #F2 and the laboratories.

The activities around Cardo NO building will also start to provide the infrastructures that will support the research centers: the Central Genomics Facility #F1 and the Common Shared Services Facility #F4.

Finally, the Data Center will be set-up in the area between the new building and the US6 (green box).

The project development of new bespoke building (light blue box) hosting laboratories and specialized activities will start within 2019.

In 2023, HT will be operational involving 1500 employees.