About us

About us

Human Technopole is Italy's new research institute for Life Sciences, based at the heart of MIND.


We live in an aging society, characterized by a negative balance between birth and death rate mainly due to decreased fertility and increased life expectancy. The incidence of cancers and neurodegenerative diseases rises in advanced society, becoming the most significant causes of death and detrimental aging

Increased longevity without quality of life is not a true achievement:
Health expectancy is more important than life expectancy.

Health, aging and quality of life are affected by a combination of intrinsic factors (individual’s genetics) and extrinsic factors (nutrition, lifestyle, and environment). Therefore, a comprehensive approach to health and aging by integration of cutting-edge technologies with high-profile basic and translational science in the critical areas of Medicine, Data Science, Nanotechnologies and Nutrition is required to improve health expectancy.

Within this context, Human Technopole’s mission will be to develop personalized approaches, both medical and nutritional, focusing on cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. It will achieve this mission using genomics, the analysis of increasingly large data sets, and new diagnostics techniques.

  • Human Technopole aims to lead Italy towards the co-leadership in the field of quality of life. To this end, interdisciplinary approaches will be the starting point for connecting and creating new knowledge. Combining state-of-the-art technologies with a knowledge sharing culture will generate excellence and promote innovation.

  • Human Technopole aims to act as a hub to increase the value of universities and existing research centers, supporting networking at global level, thus helping and strengthening connections that already exist among them at local level.

  • Human Technopole aims to be the reference center for research institutes and universities across the country by sharing technologies, methods and data in order to speed up the transfer of knowledge and guarantee patients’ early access to innovative diagnostics and therapies.

  • Human Technopole aims to be a promoter of cultural renewal, where citizens will be educated to healthier lifestyles and prevention, patients will have access to new care more quickly, policy will take informed decisions for social cohesion and industry will be supported in the technological transfer of scientific research.

  • Human Technopole aims to contribute, along with existing realities, to the advancement of knowledge that benefits all society in a fair and inclusive logic where science and knowledge play a central role as they are supported by community-driven resources.

  • Human Technopole aims to have a positive impact on the national healthcare system by reducing the cost of health through investment in prevention and the introduction of digital technologies in hospitals to enable efficient patients’ management.

  • Human Technopole aims to pursue industrial development in the fields of food technology, models and software, diagnostics and therapies.